Valentines Day Engagements

Are you considering popping the question and bending a knee on Valentines Day? If so, you’re not alone, it is in fact the day of love! According to Huff Post a whopping six million couples get engaged every year on February 14th. That’s a lot of cupid’s arrows flying around! So, with all these nervous “will you marry me’s” being thrown around, is it possible to stay relevant and unique? How can you capture the moment while maintaining the element of surprise? If you’re asking these questions this blog post is for you!

The pros and cons of Valentine’s Day proposals

There are so many pros and cons to getting engaged on Valentine’s Day as written in Jenna Lynn’s blog on wedding bee. The obvious pro, as stated above, it’s St. Valentines Day, the day of love. Dating back to the ancient Roman Festival Lupercalia, which anticipated the coming of spring, this day has been celebrated by love birds all over the world! Brazil, Japan, Denmark and the Philippines, to name a few, all celebrate  on February 14th.  Each countries customs variety a little but the common denominator again is the L word.  The date will also have new importance for you and your families. Not to mention, luckily, it’s very unlikely your spouse will ever forget it. There are definitely a few cons, the worst being, she may expect it. There are a few ways to curtail her suspicions as reported on Martha Stewart Weddings.  Make the typical amazingly romantic evening plans, then surprise her first thing in the morning or after the last kiss of the night. If you want your families to be there, “plan” your ultimate Valentine’s evening, then a few days before, tell her you unexpectedly have to go out of town on business.  Then enlist her mom, sister, or bestie to pick her up and take her to a location and surprise her there.

Capturing your surprise Valentine’s Day proposal

Being a photographer in Wilmington gives me so many options when planning a surprise proposal. If the lucky guy plans to pop the question at Carolina Beach or Wrightsville Beach, I normally pose as a tourist, on my towel, in a designated spot. There are also many beautiful parks to propose in as I keep a few paces behind in my running shorts and sneakers. But what if you decide to propose in a crowded location, or first thing in the morning? Having a professional photographer that is creative and crafty is key. Make sure you cover all the “what ifs” with plans A, B, and C.  Have a code word or signal in ,place so your photographer is ready. Finally, take a deep breath, you got this!


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